Pixel Art Studio

Pixel Art Studio is powerful and easy-to-use tool for anyone, who want to make pixel perfect art. Optimized for pen and touch input devices. Perfectly fit for making pixel art, game graphics and sketching.

Early access to multiplatform version

For last few years I was working to move Pixel Art Studio to new cross-platform engine so it will be avalable on Windows, Android and iOS devices. If you want to access to beta releases please or help to increase development speed, or suggest new features, pleaase check out following links:


  • Easy to use and powerful user interface
  • Standart instruments for graphic editing (freehand drawing, floodfill, erase, etc.)
  • Tiled and sprite preview mode
  • Import/export to PNG
  • Different brushes types
  • Brush opacity and size settings
  • Pen pressure supprort for some brushes
  • Special effects on layers (shadow, color overlay)
  • Custom canvas size
  • Advanced layers functionality
  • Symmetrical drawing
  • Control over every pixel of your artwork
  • Shape drawing with selected brushes


Super mega advanced export and sharing abilities

Pixel Art Gallery >>


Get it on Windows 10



Pixel Art Studio animation process
Pixel Art Studio Custom export